I love music, beside design is what gives meaning to everything. Music is the answer, always, when I’m down or when I’m happy…

I made the lettering and also took the photo on the concert of one my favorite bands “kings of convenience”

If you like it, I’m selling a few things here (x)  and also update some new things :)!

I’m working in some ideas for stickers for when http://www.stiksy.com launch, hope they like them :)

Working late in new things :)…



I print some of my illustrations, glad how they turn out…printing more to sell soon :)

"Whispers" by Nana

Inspired by the song of the same name of Passenger, it’s beautiful the new album

I took this photo when I was in London, that was my road :)…I miss it…

just an ocean between us….

I’m totally obsess with Greg James and his games, hahaha I could not resist myself and did this for something they said once in the game the mayor of where….Greg and Chris Smith are the best <3!

Make it to me 

Inspired in one of my favorite songs from Sam Smith…I need the the new album!!


Moona by Nana

I made this lettering as a gif for a friend, she really likes NY :)